We provide a complete line of custom IVR solutions. These include phone systems, software development services and hosted IVR outsourcing services. The following are some of the programs available.

Features include:

  Inbound/Outbound Interactive Voice Response Programs.
  Mirrored IVR/Internet Applications.
  Live Operator Transfer.
  Transcription Service.
  Automated Name/Address Capture.
  Natural Language Speech Recognition.
  Text to Speech.
  PIN Generation.
  Credit Card Capture.
  Multilingual Support.
  Real Time Reporting via the Internet.
  Call Blocking.
  Custom Database Development.
  Advanced Locator Programs.
  Load Testing for IVR & Call Centers

IVR Consulting - Perform initial IVR feasibility study.

IVR Design - Create a design specification of the application.

IVR Development - Assemble a team and assign tasks.

Custom IVR Programming - Perform actual coding of the IVR program.

IVR Testing - Conduct system and load tests of the IVR application.

IVR Implementation - Install the IVR application in a live environment.

IVR Management - Maintain and manage the ongoing IVR program.

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