Click-to-call (CTC) is the process of converting web-based traffic into direct telephony communication between an end user and some other entity. CTC originates out of the older PC2PC telephony whereby a client is downloaded onto your own personal computer to "talk" to the same client downloaded into the other party's PC for the conversation. It's as simple as 1-2-3:

Click-to-call is a service which lets users click a button and immediately speak with a customer service representative or interconnect two or more telephone "line". The call can either be carried over VoIP, or the customer may request an immediate call back by entering their phone number.

One significant benefit to click-to-call providers is that it allows companies to monitor when online visitors change from the website to a phone sales channel. Click To Call is the solution for all site owners that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors.

  1. A web visitor clicks your link.
  2. The web visitor's phone rings.
  3. Your phone rings too and the two parties are connected.

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