kingasterisk technology provides VoIP call center. Voip call center is a call center that is hosted by a VoIP provider, rather than hosted on-site at a physical location, and routes calls over Internet Protocol.

  VoIP Call Center Overview
  A VoIP call center offers
  Cost effective scalability
  Minimal capital investment
  Higher reliability and stability
  24/7 technical support
  VoIP Call Center A Closer Look

In a VoIP call center, data packets run over Internet Protocol, rather than the traditional switch network. The call center does not own, host, or operate the equipment that the call center runs on, and instead pays a monthly or annual fee to a VoIP service provider to host the call center telephony in their own data center.

This allows call centers to pay for only the service or minutes that they use, rather than paying for the hardware, an IT director, and a place to store the equipment, making it a much more affordable solution.

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